Growing Up

This last year has been full of fun as the kids are getting older:

  • Claire
    • Working on learning with mom
    • Cross country skiing
    • Swim lessons
    • First soccer team with coach Daddy
    • Rides a bike with no training wheels
    • Loves her hair braided
    • Sweet and helpful
    • Very social
    • Loves singing
  • Landen
    • learning new words every day
    • Potty trained yay!
    • Loves dinosaurs and trucks
    • Loves to copy big sister
    • Enjoys playing with his trains
  • Ian
    • Crawling and exploring
    • Had fun his first night in a tent!
    • Loves eating asparagus
    • Loves baths and hates the splash park
    • Loves people

Pictures from our recent photo shoot can be found here:

Baby Thorson #3

Claire was very excited to see the baby!  It looks healthy and is right on for size.  In mid May we will be welcoming another baby boy to our family!  Claire says it may still be a girl though…

It's a Boy!

It’s a Boy!

Boy or Girl?

Well, if you haven’t heard, we are expecting baby #3 Mid May 2014.  Claire is very excited!  She loves to “feel” the baby and is sure it is a girl.  We find out January 2nd the gender of the baby, so stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Landen!

We celebrated Landen’s birthday a little early since Grammy Joy was with us.  Landen enjoyed his cupcake and frosting!  Claire loved helping open gifts!  Claire also helped make the cupcakes!

Landen is 1:

  • Loves walking toys
  • Crawls everywhere!
  • Wants to be just like his big sister
  • Obsessed with holding and trying to use silverware
  • Loves to cuddle and “eat your face with his cute little teeth”
  • Has 4.5 teeth
  • Over 20 pounds of chubbiness
  • Babbles
  • Loves to swing

Enjoying Warm Weather

Spring has brought lots of fun to Michigan for us this year.

In May we took a trip to Illinois to visit friends and watch Mike walk in the graduation ceremony.  It was exciting to see, especially since only the PhD candidates got to walk on stage.  Mike walked with several fellow grad students that he had worked with during his time in Illinois.

Shortly after arriving back home the excavating company came out to clear, level, regrade and bring soil in for our back yard.  We are so excited about how it turned out.  We are currently awaiting sprinkler installation and then will plant grass.  Claire and Landen enjoyed watching the show!

This last Saturday we ran in a 5k as a family.  The pic below is of Claire at 6:30am before the race.  Claire and Landen had fun in the stroller!

After the race we decided to build raised beds in the back yard by the garage.  We planted a large variety of veggies for this summer/fall.  We are also enjoying the beautiful flowers/bushes/flowering trees that were planted by the previous owner.  There is such a large variety!  Every couple weeks Claire and I are gathering some to press and save in a journal.

Landen is also getting bigger.  He is sitting and rolling everywhere, eating table foods and rejecting baby foods and getting ready to crawl!  He still adores his sister and is so excited when Dad gets home.  Claire is also growing up.  She can sing several songs and her signing vocab has increased dramatically.  We are having fun and enjoying the warm weather of spring!

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Big Girl Turns 2

Claire turned two on Tuesdayand her favorite present was the decorations (balloons)!  Claire is a joy to be around.  As a two year old, she plays in her kitchen, rides her car around the house, takes care of her dolls, LOVES to sing (especially twinkle twinkle little star)and dance, and read with mommy or daddy.  Daddy is always welcomed at the door when he gets home from work by Claire running across the house to greet him with tons of excitement.

Claire with her balloon